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As long-standing concept partner for food retailers, we are constantly developing new and innovative ideas for in-store fresh convenience products. With our 8 brands and concepts, we offer consumers a wide range of convenience products.

At the EAT HAPPY GROUP, we do everything to continue bringing delight to both consumers and partners in the shape of innovative products. All of our current concepts reflect that aim – as well as everything that’s yet in the pipeline!


EAT HAPPY was born in 2013 as a shop-in-shop concept for fresh sushi and Asian snacks. Every day, sushi chefs in the in-store shops prepare a wide range of fresh Asian specialty foods, some of which is delivered daily straight to our chillers. The concept has proven wildly popular: today, EAT HAPPY operates shops and chillers in around 1,750 locations across Europe.

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YUZU, our fresh sushi brand, is available at 25 selected supermarket sites across Germany and the UK. The products are available either at in-store shops, where they are freshly prepared on-site by expertly trained staff, or from self-service chillers that are regularly restocked from centralised production units.

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Under the WAKAME brand, we sell sushi with a use-by period of three days from self-service chillers. The products are prepared by professional sushi chefs under a production-to-hub model at a central production site in Busto Arsizio, Italy. This enables centralised quality assurance and regular deliveries of fresh products to our large-scale food retail clients.

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Our gastronomic concept THE SUSHI LAB centres around the daily preparation of fresh Japanese-style premium sushi before the eyes of consumers – with a constant flow of new creations either to enjoy on site or to take away.

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SUNNYSU is an up-and-coming young business with a unique product range. Thanks to constant adjustments and an eye for emerging food trends, SUNNYSU is always one step ahead of the market. Frozen yoghurt, soft serve and waffles are the mainstays of the SunnySu range, complemented by a constantly growing assortment of products such as coffee specialities, smoothies and vegan products.

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Our latest concept is “LOVANTE – eat the east” – a shop-in-shop concept with refined recipes of Levantine cuisine. Vegetarian-vegan products like falafel and hummus are extremely popular, authenticity and freshness are very important here. We are convinced that Levantine Cuisine will continue to be trendy and that customers’ interest in ultra-fresh offerings in this segment will increase.

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FERMENTUR is our strategic partner and production unit for fermented products, also as ingredients for other brands​.

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Our CANDY CUISINE produces Asian desserts and sweets, above all mochi – traditional Japanese sweet rice cakes with a delicious creamy filling. Our mochi are available at our EAT HAPPY shops in Europe and at over 300 Mochi Pick & Mix cabinets in supermarkets across Germany. The CANDY CUISINE range also includes desserts that are a great fit for the EAT HAPPY portfolio.

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