About us

The EAT HAPPY GROUP unites a range of innovative food concepts and brands such as EAT HAPPY, YUZU, WAKAME, THE SUSHI LAB and CANDY CUISINE under one roof.

From the word go, our aim has been to deliver eclectic food concepts, products and services to consumers everywhere. Sushi, Asian snacks, desserts and many other ideas that are yet in the pipeline are part of our DNA.

5 brands & concepts
5 countries
3,500 locations across Europe

Our responsibility



We share one big passion: 
Creating products that make people happy. But producing food comes with enormous responsibilities, because we know that there is more to food than just making it fresh and delicious. 

We feel that food can only make you happy if it contributes to a healthy and colourful planet – one that’s as colourful as our brands and products. As we see it, this means helping to maintain thriving ecosystems that provide livelihoods not just for us, but for future generations as well.  We also support an open and diverse society where people can enjoy eating consciously and without regret. 

 We are committed to people, nature and making our products in a responsible way. Our sustainability programme aims to contribute to three major goals: 

A Healthy Planet

Limiting climate change and treating our ecosystems on land and in the oceans with care ​
  • Developing packaging solutions with an improved eco-balance
  • Reducing waste and combating food waste in particular
  • Minimising greenhouse gas emissions
  • Sourcing fish from responsible fisheries and aquaculture
  • Increasing the share of agricultural raw materials from sustainable production
  • Inspiring employees, suppliers, and customers to support environmental and climate protection

A Colourful Society​

Promoting diversity , equality and solidarity at work and in the communities around us​
  • Supporting the personal and professional development of our employees
  • Actively promoting diversity and integration within the EAT HAPPY GROUP 
  • Standing up for an open and diverse society

Conscious Eating​

Offering a wide range of innovative food creations that are responsibly and transparently produced​
  • Providing comprehensive information about our products
  • Continuously optimising our recipes 
  • Increasing the proportion of regionally produced vegetables 
  • Increasing the range of vegetarian and vegan products we offer
  • Showing people the value of a conscious and sustainable diet

Since we source products from all over the world, we focus on responsible supply chains and suppliers. That is why the EAT HAPPY GROUP is expressly committed to respecting and upholding human rights. You can view our group-wide policy statement here.