EAT HAPPY to launch innovative fishless sushi creations

EAT HAPPY is about to launch a range of new plant-based sushi creations. The specialist for freshly rolled sushi in supermarkets is kicking off a new campaign, labelled OnlyPlants, that takes customers on a taste expedition.

OnlyPlants more fruit and vegetables for takeaway sushi enthusiasts

  • Eight new 100% vegan products
  • Sushi creations enriched with innovative ingredients
  • Fruit and vegetables to feature on EAT HAPPY’s OnlyFans channel

EAT HAPPY is about to launch a range of new plant-based sushi creations. The specialist for freshly rolled sushi in supermarkets is kicking off a new campaign, labelled OnlyPlants, that takes customers on a taste expedition.

The shop-in-shop concept for hand-rolled takeaway sushi is present across Germany in Rewe, Edeka, Hit and other supermarket chains. The new OnlyPlants range, which incorporates eight new products – six sushi boxes, one bowl and a side salad – will launch on 24 May 2022 and will be available until early July in all participating stores.

“With EAT HAPPY’s OnlyPlants creations, we want to invite our customers to embark on a culinary journey. Our new sushi products are more than just an alternative to fish,” explains Christian Jürgens, Managing Director of EatHappy ToGo GmbH.


Sushi creations without fish, but full of adventure

The new fishless sushi creations are part of an appealing and colourful range targeted at food explorers and sushi enthusiasts who want to discover new flavours, as well as at consumers who don’t eat fish. All products are 100% vegan and involve natural ingredients with a unique taste.

The adventure begins with the products’ names. The sushi boxes are called Rainbow Carrots, Discovery Mix, Adventure Mix, Peas in a Pod, Big Plant Rolls and Pickled Adventure. The Wild Garden Bowl is just that: an intriguing combination of garden vegetables. And the new side salad, known as Kimkraut, is a creative remix of well-loved ingredients.

“Our newly developed plant-based sushi creations are designed to complement our existing range and help us differentiate even more from our competitors,” says Jürgens. “We have deliberately decided against using fish substitutes and have instead created a dedicated range of products that is 100% vegan. It uses fermented vegetables from our own production lines along with many other surprising ingredients.”


A new world of flavours full of plant power

The new creations allow customers to experience the power of plants. Besides regular ingredients, EAT HAPPY’s new OnlyPlants range incorporates new elements such as red shiso microgreens, lime, fermented yellow and orange potato, vegan miso mayo and kimkraut – a mix of Japanese kimchi and sauerkraut. The fermented vegetables are sourced from Fermentur, a specialist provider of fermented foods and strategic partner of the EAT HAPPY GROUP.

The plant-based products get extra flavour and colour from the addition of a tasty edamame paste, sweet sugar snap peas, fresh rocket, crisp cucumber, juicy mango and a bright red-beet-and-rice mix. Some products have added spice in the form of ponzu or teriyaki sauce.

“The OnlyPlants products are gorgeous to look at as well as eat, allowing customers to clearly identify the great plant-based ingredients in these creations,” explains Christian Jürgens. “We’re confident that sushi enthusiasts will love the natural plant power that’s inside.”


Fruit and vegetables showcased on OnlyFans channel

To chime in with the OnlyPlants campaign name, EAT HAPPY has launched its own channel on OnlyFans, the platform where adult users are paid by “fans” to share private content. OnlyFans increasingly carries regular content, too, that unlike free platforms offers fee-paying users additional insider information.

The days when vegetables were considered boring are certainly over, as illustrated by EAT HAPPY’s new sushi creations, which taste great but also look incredible. The 100% plant-based ingredients get a sexy makeover on the OnlyFans channel – an entirely new way for viewers to enjoy the benefits of fruit and vegetables for the duration of the campaign.

The campaign is accompanied by print and online advertising, a sweepstakes, promotional activities and other measures to boost visibility of the new range at the point of sale. The social media hashtag is #onlyplants.

Information on the campaign and the products will be released on the launch date at

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